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Francesco Vaccarone’s works at CAMEC Opere 1957/2011


An anthological exhibition dedicated to Francesco Vaccarone is being prepared for the CAMeC, curated by Valerio P. Cremolini, which will be inaugurated on 10 December 2011 (6:00 pm) and open until 19 March 2012.
The large exhibition event, which will occupy two levels of the Center, is promoted and produced by the Institution for Cultural Services of the Municipality of La Spezia, with the active support of the STARTÈ Association of La Spezia (which promotes Italian art internationally). Graphics, catalog and layout Marco Condotti Studio.

The more than fifty-year creative season of Francesco Vaccarone, born in La Spezia on 4 October 1940, will be documented by well-known graphic and pictorial cycles (Gabbiani, Clochard, Forme, Calvari, Incontri, Cinque Terre, Musica, etc.) and by the most recent production also plastic. Like the exhibition projects dedicated to Giuliano Tomaino and Marco Casentini, this exhibition and the volume that accompanies it intend to retrace the entire creative process of an author from La Spezia whose work has long drawn from the international sphere and is present in public collections, collections private individuals, universities and museums in Italy and abroad.

The dense experience of Vaccarone, continuously supported by a vast critical literature including contributions by authoritative scholars (Francesco Barocelli, Enzo Carli, Dino Carlesi, Enrico Crispolti, Enzo Di Martino, Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, Marzia Ratti, Pier Carlo Santini, Franco Solmi, etc. .), it passed from the personal reading of Expressionism, later flanked by interesting experimental passages, to the consolidated affirmation of its own language, lively based on the binomial “figuration-abstraction”.

The anthology is accompanied by an extensive monographic catalog, which will contain, in addition to the institutional texts, contributions by Valerio P. Cremolini, Peter Frank and Eleonora Acerbi, as well as updated critical and bibliographic apparatuses. Francesco Vaccarone was born in La Spezia on 4 October 1940, where he lives and works. He began painting at a very young age under the guidance of the masters from La Spezia Giuseppe Caselli and Gino Bellani, while dedicating himself to classical and philosophical studies. From 1957 to 1964 he presented his first personal exhibitions and took part in numerous group exhibitions in many Italian cities. The creative language of this early period looks with particular attention to German expressionism. From 1965 to 1969 he was engaged, also with a studio in Genoa, in research on visual languages ​​in close contact with poets (Group 63) and artists of the Italian experimental avant-garde (Trerosso di Genova, ’70 of Florence, LineaSud of Naples), with which gives life to conferences and exhibitions.

In 1970 he moved the Genoese studio to Rome, perfecting his knowledge of chalcographic techniques at the printing house “Il Cigno” and making many engravings. He frequents artists including Marini, Gentilini, Raphael Mafai, Zancanaro, Guttuso, Fieschi.

The first monograph dedicated to his work dates back to 1973, with a preface by the art historian Enzo Carli and the poet Dino Carlesi, edited by the Macchi Art Gallery in Pisa. Following exhibitions in Italy and Switzerland and the assignment of prestigious awards.

In 1976 he moved his second studio to Milan until 1990. The relationship with corporeality, physical, psychological and historical space are the new, central cornerstones of the thought that animates her work in recent years, as Madeleine Guignard warns, presenting it in the catalog for the exhibition that, in France, the University by Clermont Ferrand dedicated to him in February 1976. In 1977, edited by Franco Solmi, director of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Bologna, a new monograph, entitled “Eclisse”, was published by Edi / Albra in Turin.

In the years 1977-1990 exhibitions were set up in museums, universities and private galleries in Italy in Monza, Venice, Milan, Ferrara, Gallarate, Bergamo, La Spezia, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Turin, Lerici, Florence, Pisa, San Marino, Massa , Piombino, Viterbo and Stockholm, Cardiff, Helsinki, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Forssa, Los Angeles, Munich, Paris, Seloncourt, Reykiavik. In 1986 a new book on his work was published by Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, entitled “Francesco Vaccarone, homage to the Gulf of Poets”, and in the same year he was invited with three major works to the IX National Quadrennial of Rome, in the historical section “Emergencies of Italian artistic research from 1950 to 1980”.

In 1988 he was awarded the “Do Forni” international prize for graphics in Venice and the Murano prize. In 1990 a large anthological exhibition was set up at the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara and for the occasion a monograph entitled “From dawn to dusk” was edited by Michèle Lavallée, director of the Strasbourg Museums, and by Enzo Di Martino, director of the International Center of Graphics in Venice. Exhibitions follow in Venice, La Spezia, Busto Arsizio, Ischia, Vasto, Krakow, Rome, Civitanova Marche.

In 1997 he was awarded an international prize at the II Triennial of graphics of Macedonia and in 1998 the first prize at the IX International Biennial of Carpi dedicated to Xylography. In 2003, to underline his commitment to the knowledge and dissemination of artistic languages ​​and the defense of their freedom, he received the Silone Prize in Italy, while the Constantinian University of the State of Rhode Island USA confers on him an honorary degree in Aesthetics.

Between 2000 and 2004 he holds a cycle of lectures in Polish universities where he carries out numerous exhibitions; retrospectives follow in Havana, Marina di Massa, Framura (for Ezra Pound), Noceto nell’Emilia, where he also creates a large marble sculpture dedicated to the theme of peace. On this occasion, a new contribution is published, edited by Francesco Barocelli, art historian of the University of Parma, which contains a critical anthology chosen from texts by numerous scholars and artists who have turned their interest to Francesco’s work. Vaccarone and an extensive bibliography from 1960 to 2004. Organized by the Egyptian government and the Italian embassy, ​​a personal exhibition of his was set up in Cairo in October 2004, with paintings executed between 1970 and 2004.

In 2005 he began an exhibition cycle in the USA and began working on two large marble bas-reliefs dedicated to Pope John Paul II for the Municipality of Noceto, completed in April 2006, the year in which the Municipality of Parma dedicates an anthological exhibition to him.

In 2008 the Municipality of Pisa set up a new organic exhibition with works carried out between 1973 and 2008; in the following months he awaited the creation of thirty paintings dedicated to Liszt, Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovski for an exhibition cycle in Argentina and completed, again in Noceto, a four-meter-high marble sculpture dedicated to the Italian missions of peace in the world. He is invited with three works to the international exhibition “Estetika, Forma e Segno, from Renoir to De Chirico” at Villa Ponti in Arona and is present, with the Corsanini workshop, with six new sculptures at the XIII International Sculpture Biennial of Carrara.

In 2009 he held a solo show at the Deutsche Bank in La Spezia, while the Municipality of Rapallo promoted a vast anthological exhibition in the Antico Castello sul Mare with a section of paintings dedicated to Ezra Pound. A nucleus of works is present at the Manege Museum in Saint Petersburg as part of the exhibition “Masters of 20th century Italian art”.

In 2010 he inaugurates an anthological exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and then at the Italian Cultural Institute of this city; then in New York at Lincoln Center with a cycle of works dedicated to Jazz music. In May 2011 he held a solo show at Banca Monte Paschi di Siena in Brussels. He is present at the 54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion, Ligurian Artists (Genoa, Palazzo della Meridiana, until 9 October 2011).

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Contemporary Art Museum – Villa Croce in Genoa


After the closure of the anthological exhibition at the Firmafede Fortress in Sarzana (October 24th 2015- January 10th 2016) a new single-subject exhibition has been inaugurated at Contemporary Art Museum – Villa Croce in Genoa, with works made between 1965 and 1967, when Francesco Vaccarone worked in Genoa with the Study Group.
In November 1965, at Carabaga Gallery in Genoa, the first national exhibition of Visual poetry was held, with works, among the others, of Balestrini, Bonito Oliva, Bueno, Giuliani, Isgrò, Kolar, Miccini, Ori, Pignotti, Porta, Spatola, Tola, Vaccarone, Vitone, Ziveri.

In the context of the exhibition of Contemporary Art Museum in Villa Croce (January 30th – March 6th 2016), the works of Francesco Vaccarone give an overview on a special creative moment which invested Italy and particularly Genoa during the Sixties, with vivid links between figurative art, poetry and music and a multidisciplinary approach  in experimentating new languages.
The Genoese environment was in fact frequented by poets such as Edoardo Sanguineti, by composers such as Luigi Nono e Luciano Berio and by the writers of the group ’63.
The main publication, both at the Firmafede Fortress exhibition and at Villa Croce Museum, is the Annotated Catalogue about Francesco Vaccarone’s painting  (works 1958-2015) published by Allemandi Publishing House in December 2015 and handled by Valerio Dehò.
In this publication the works of the two exhibitions are widely documented and provided with the interviews led by Valerio Dehò with the artist about his own creative periods.
The realization of these events has been handled by the Startè Association, presided over by Paolo Asti .

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All for Vaccarone. The city pays homage to the Master.


The anthological exhibition by Francesco Vaccarone, dedicated to the career of the La Spezia painter, opened its doors yesterday afternoon at the Center of Modern and Contemporary Art in La Spezia.
A vernissage in grand style, with hundreds of citizens present and a dutiful opening, through the words of the authorities and of those who have worked in recent months for the success of this event. Which is already a success given the premises.

Introducing an excited Cinzia Aloisini, president of the institution for cultural services, who explained the significance of an event so important for art but also for the history of modern La Spezia, the one rebuilt after the Second World War.

The mayor of La Spezia Massimo Federici thanked the sponsors and spoke of Francesco Vaccarone as “a great interpreter of the social tensions and changes that have affected the fifty years of his work. The city can only pay homage to him for all his work. “.
Paolo Asti, producer and sponsor with his Startè, focused attention on the meaning of an exhibition that contaminates our daily life with Vaccarone’s creativity: “Attending art – concluded Asti – helps to live better”.
Then the word was passed to the same painter who wanted to recall an anecdote that could be the beginning of all this: “Two years ago the mayor Federici, on the occasion of the inauguration of an exhibition in Rapallo, invited me to do something important to Camec. I accepted and asked him for two years: I would say that the promise is kept “.
Then it was the turn of Paolo Valerio Cremolini, curator of the exhibition itself, to briefly outline its contents and accompany those present on the exhibition journey.
Several personalities of the city did not want to miss the appointment: from the prefect Giuseppe Forlani, to the president of the province Marino Fiasella, but also the engineer Amedeo Lia, the writer Arrigo Petacco, the president of the Carispezia Foundation Matteo Melley, the art historian Enzo Di Martino.

FABIO LUGARINI – Città della Spezia

The exhibition will remain open until March 19, 2012 (from Tuesday to Saturday 10-13 / 16-19, Sunday and holidays 11-19; closed on Mondays, Christmas and 1 January)

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Works from 2016 till today


Nel 2016 esegue per La Spezia un’opera pubblica, l’obelisco “Raggio di sole”, una scultura in marmo di Carrara alta sette metri.
E’ presente con 20 opere al Camec in occasione del 50° anniversario del convegno del  Gruppo ’63 che Vaccarone  promosse alla Spezia nel  1966 con N.Balestrini,  E.Sanguineti ed U.Eco .
Nel 2017 al Castello di Lerici ed alla Sala Mantero di Portovenere vengono esposte le 32 opere della mostra intitolata “Tra Lerice e Turbìa”. La Fondazione per l’Arte di Francoforte acquista sue 5 opere storiche.
Durante tutto il 2018 esegue 25 opere dedicate alla musica di Wagner  esposte nel 2019 nella Galleria d’Arte del Comune di Bayreuth e successivamente alla 58 Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Venezia.

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